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Who’s really installing your flooring?

One of the things we deal with at Bluegrass Flooring is, bidding against unqualified contractors that not only don't realize the value of what they are installing, but don't know how to properly install the material either.  We see too many failures every year just in our area, and every time it's installer error.  The featured image in this article was a shower bench in a 5 year old home that cost over 750,000.00 that.
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Waterproof Showers

The featured image in this article is a picture of a tile shower pan I tore out a year or so ago.  The shower had not been used for 2 weeks prior to removing the pan. Here's an image of another shower that had not been used in 2 months!  It's a little blurry, but the wet area on the pan liner is quite visible. 20140722_095311 Basically, there are.
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